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All Jardin Secret Teas are Premium teas, certified EU Organic by ECOCERT.


We are shipping worldwide with the Best Courier companies in order to guarantee fast delivery in the best possible conditions, to protect our fine Teas.


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Exceptional 30% Off On GREEN

Jardin Secret Premium Organic Green Tea, YUNNAN SUPREME

Spring Flush Tea, with only one bud and top leaves handpicked.

An exceptional tea at an exceptional price.

Green tea is a highly prized beverage, hailed as a "refreshing and thirst-quenching” delicacy. Yunnan Organic Supreme Green Tea is a selection of 1 bud and 1 leaf from the spring harvest, which stands out among many green teas through a secret tea-making process. This green tea has a refreshing and crisp taste, without any bitterness, and a hint of sweetness in the mouth, making it lingering. More importantly, this green tea is rich in various nutrients, drinking a cup can not only quench thirst but also replenish the body with the needed nutrients. Its rich and aromatic taste, not too plain or single flavor, carries a hint of grape fragrance when tasted, leaving a long-lasting aroma in the mouth after drinking, making it unforgettable. Whether it's a hot summer morning or a leisurely afternoon tea time, this green tea brings people a pleasant beverage experience, making people feel relaxed and enjoying the good times.


Four Guarantees from Jardin Secret

European Organic Certified

All our Teas are certified European Organic by ECOCERT, under the very strict European Organic regulations.


Single-estate terroirs

Quality teas come from unique Terroirs, and benefit from the Terroir's unique attributes.


The best tea gardens

All Jardin Secret® teas are selected directly by us among the best organic tea gardens in China and Taiwan.


The Best Tea Leaves

The leaf selection is the key component that determines the quality, Jardin Secret® only selects the highest grades.


Our secret

I have a secret to share with you. At Jardin Secret®, we take great pride in offering a premium selection of organic Chinese teas and herbal teas that are truly exceptional. Our loose-leaf tea leaves are meticulously handpicked from the finest gardens, ensuring that only the highest quality leaves are carefully selected. 

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and authenticity. All of our teas and herbal teas are certified EU organic by Ecocert, providing our customers with the assurance that they are enjoying products of the purest origins.

But the true secret of Jardin Secret lies in our dedication to finding the best terroirs and leaves, handpicked at the perfect season, to create a truly exceptional tea experience. Our Tea Specialist personally travels through the tea mountains of China & Taiwan in search of the very finest teas, ensuring that only the most exceptional teas make it to our customers.

Thank you for choosing Jardin Secret, where every cup of tea is not just a drink, but an emotion to be savored.

Did you know?

Helpful Little Tea Jassids

The creation of Oriental Beauty Oolong tea can be attributed to the Jacobiasca Formosana, a small insect belonging to the grasshopper family commonly known as the tea jassid. This unique tea would not be possible without the presence of these insects, which are allowed to thrive due to the absence of insecticides in the tea gardens. The tea jassids feed on the phloem juice of the tea buds, stems, and leaves, causing the tea tree to release terpenes that give the tea its distinctive honeyed and fruity flavor. This biting process triggers the tea tree to produce monoterpene idol and hotrienol, resulting in the remarkable taste of Oriental Beauty tea from Taiwan. 

The role of the tea jassids in the creation of Oriental Beauty tea cannot be overstated. It is through their interaction with the tea leaves that this exceptional and rare tea is produced. By preserving the natural habitat of these insects and allowing them to flourish, tea producers are able to cultivate a tea that is truly unique in flavor and character. The Oriental Beauty Oolong tea stands as a testament to the importance of maintaining ecological balance and embracing nature's role in the creation of exquisite teas.

Selecting Your Green Tea

The optimal season for harvesting green tea is spring. During winter, no harvesting takes place in order to protect the tea plant. Therefore, in the spring, the plant is abundant in tea essential oils and antioxidants. Spring Flush green teas are renowned for their exceptional taste and health benefits. When selecting leaves for green tea, it is important to note that the top leaves contain the highest concentration of tea essential oils and antioxidants, as well as being the sweetest. 

Our green tea Yunnan Supreme is harvested during the spring flush, using only the buds and first leaves to ensure the highest quality green tea experience. By selecting the best leaves during the optimal harvesting season, we are able to provide a superior green tea product that is not only delicious but also brimming with health-boosting components. Embracing the natural bounty of the spring harvest, our green tea offers a rich and satisfying flavor profile alongside numerous health 

Precious White Pekoes

The White Hair Silver Needle tea is revered for its delicate and unique flavor profile, which can be attributed in large part to the presence of the fine hairs that cover the tea buds and leaves. These hairs, known as pekoe, play a crucial role in both the cultivation and production of this exceptional tea variety.

In terms of cultivation, the pekoe serves as a natural defense mechanism for the tea plant, protecting it from insects and harsh weather conditions. This ensures the health and vitality of the plant, allowing it to produce high-quality leaves that are essential for crafting the finest teas. The abundance of tea hairs is also used as an indicator of quality, with more hairs suggesting a finer and more tender raw material.

Moreover, the tea hairs are responsible for imparting the distinctive fragrance of the White Hair Silver Needle tea. These fine hairs contain tea amino acids, which provide the tea with a sweet and fresh flavor profile that is unmatched by other varieties. The aroma and taste of this tea are truly one-of-a-kind, making it a favorite among tea connoisseurs.

The pekoe of the White Hair Silver Needle tea is a vital component that contributes to its exceptional quality and unique characteristics. From protecting the tea plant to enhancing the fragrance and flavor of the brew, these delicate hairs play a multifaceted role in ensuring that this tea remains a prized and sought-after variety.

JS Silver needles white tea (only white pekoe buds): Yunnan Moonlight Buds. 

A bit of History

Before the Tang Dynasty, there was only one type of tea in the world, which was green tea. According to some historical records, tea leaves were first discovered by Shennong as detoxifying herbs. At that time, tea leaves were more like wild vegetables. People consumed fresh tea leaves raw, boiled them to make tea leaf soup, cooked them as vegetables, or cooked them into gruel, known as"mingzhou" by ancient people.

Unfortunately, the tea leaves were very bitter and had a strong grassy taste. Aside from the unpleasant taste, there were seasonal imitations to harvesting fresh leaves - during winter, there were no fresh leaves to be picked. Later on, people sun-dried, roasted, steamed, or pan-fried the fresh leaves to completely evaporate the moisture until the tea leaves were completely dry. Despite this, the taste of the tea leaves remained bitter and still had a strong grassy taste. However, drying the tea extended its shelf life.

During the Han, Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, there was the appearance of sun-dried green tea cakes. People mixed loose tea with rice paste to make tea cakes, which were then dried by baking or sun exposure. The issue of bitter and grassy taste remained the same. In the Sui and Tang Dynasties, people steamed fresh tea leaves, pressed them into crushed tea, further pressed
them into tea cakes, pierced holes in the cakes, and then dried the whole string of tea cakes. The tea cakes varied in size and shape.

By the Song Dynasty, loose tea had appeared. After steaming the tea leaves, they were not pressed for tea juice but directly dried and sun-dried into tea. This steam-dried loose tea removed the grassy taste and retained the substances inside the tea leaves, but the bitter taste persisted. Therefore, during the Tang Dynasty, people changed the steam-drying method to stir-frying, where tea leaves were killed by high temperatures, kneaded, stir-fried, and dried into tea. The methods used during that period were very similar to the production process used today. Stir-fried green tea had a fragrant and uplifting aroma, significantly reducing the bitterness and grassy taste, which is what we now drink as green tea.

Secret Assortment

A Selection of 11 Premium Organic Teas

This stylish gift box will allow you to discover a wide range of unique organic tea flavors.

In this gift box, you will find a selection of teas from Jardin Secret, including 11 Premium Organic Teas:

- 8 Biodegradable Pyramid Tea Bags

- 10 Individual Pouches of Loose Leaf Teas

- 1 Raw Puerh Cake

- 10 Cooked Puerh Tea Golden Balls

Total Tea Weight: 336g.