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Secret Assortment (11 Premium Organic teas)

Sale price$620.00

Unveil the Secret of... JS Secret Assortment

To meet the needs of our customers, we are delighted to introduce a carefully designed high-end gift box that allows you to taste all eleven varieties of our current tea products. This stylish gift box will allow you to discover a wide range of unique organic tea flavors.

In this gift box, you will find a selection of teas from Jardin Secret, including 11 different Premium Organic Teas:

8 Biodegradable Pyramid Tea Bags

10 Individual Pouches of Loose Leaf Teas

1 Raw Puerh Cake

10 Cooked Puerh Tea Golden Balls

Total Tea Weight: 336g.

Premium Organic Teas included in the assortment:

1/ Organic Secret Peppermint & Lemongrass Tea (tea bags)

2/ Organic Secret Jasmine Green Tea (tea bags)

3/ Organic Evening Relaxing Infusion Tea - Rooibos & Lavender (tea bags)

4/ Organic Soothing Infusion Chamomile Tea (tea bags)

5/ Organic Tea Yunnan Supreme Green Tea (loose leaf)

6/ Organic Tea Yunnan Moonlight Buds (loose leaf)

7/ Organic Tea Yunnan Sunlight Black Tea (loose leaf)

8/ Organic Taiwan Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea (loose leaf)

9/ Organic Taiwan Charcoal-baked Oolong Tea (loose leaf)

10/ Organic Yunnan Raw Puerh Tea Cake (loose leaf)

11/ Organic Yunnan Ripe Puerh Gold Balls (loose leaf ball)

Our herbal tea tea bags:

-          100% organic certified by EU (Ecocert).

-          Production Year 2023.

-          Caffeine or theine free.

-          Their biodegradable corn fiber triangular tea bag from Japan is an environmentally friendly product. This type of tea bag can naturally decompose over time without causing pollution to the environment, contributing to the protection of the earth.

-          The corn fiber triangular tea bag also has good breathability, allowing the tea leaves more room to expand and brew, enhancing the aroma and taste of the tea. This allows tea drinkers to enjoy a more complete flavor of the tea."

-          All herbal teas are blended by a senior tea master, and following the EU organic standards, the beverage was made with consideration for nutritional health benefits and flavor. It has undergone numerous tests. We strive to share the best tea products with our customers.

Jardin Secret core principles/ Loose-leaf teas :

• All teas have been certified Organic under European Union standards by ECOCERT.

• All teas come from a single estate (no mixed leaves).

• All leaves are hand-picked and full leaf in order to secure premium leaves quality.

• The loose teas (whole leaves) are among the finest, ranging from special grade to first grade, with uncompromising specifications:

·       No agricultural chemical

·       No chemical fertilizer

·       No pollution

·       No hormone

·       Non-GMO (non-Genetically Modified Organism)

·       Artificial Flavor free

This gift box is not only suitable for personal enjoyment but also an excellent choice for gifting to family and friends. Each tea has been carefully selected and crafted to provide you with a unique tasting experience. We believe that this gift box can meet all your tea needs and bring you wonderful moments of tea enjoyment.

We look forward to you enjoying each of our organic tea products, and we hope that this gift box will add a touch of beauty and taste to your life.

Secret Assortment (11 Premium Organic teas)
Secret Assortment (11 Premium Organic teas) Sale price$620.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bastien Le Coz
Delicious fine teas!

Really happy with the products - the way they are presented is great and they taste fantastic, thank you.

Yvette & Bertrand LANGONNE
11 amazing teas

These teas literaly transported us to heaven. We never tasted such high quality teas. Our top favourite is oriental beauty, tastes like silk in the month. A full pu-erh cake is available in the bottom drawer, which is very generous. All teas are certified organic. Safe choice to offer the gift box to friends and really good value for money. Will order more of my favourite teas from the gift box!