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About Jardin Secret

We at Jardin Secret take pride in providing our customers with high-quality organic teas that bring genuine health benefits. All of our loose tea leaves and herbal flower teas have obtained the prestigious Ecocert EU organic certification, offering our customers a strong guarantee of organic products. We carefully select the finest fresh leaves from organic tea gardens as raw materials, and process them into finished tea by experienced tea masters, ensuring that our customers can enjoy a clean, safe, and high-quality organic tea.

All loose tea leaves under the Jardin Secret brand come from single-estate gardens, at high altitudes, hand-picked and whole-leaf. This strict quality requirement is solely for our customers to experience the authentic flavor of each tea.

Our Jardin Secret tea specialist, personally travels to tea mountains in China and Taiwan to find the best tea leaves. With her expertise, strict requirements for selecting tea leaves, and passion for tea, we are able to showcase the highest quality tea to Jardin Secret connoisseurs and customers.

Jardin Secret is committed to providing customers with the highest quality organic tea leaves and herbal flower teas.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence in selecting tea leaves and our sincere commitment to customers are reflected in our products’ outstanding quality and best flavor.

Thank you for choosing Jardin Secret. Every cup of tea is worth savoring and experiencing.

Our Goal is to Share Emotions with Premium Organic Teas...