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Organic Taiwan Oriental Beauty (Oolong tea)

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Unveil the Secret of... Organic Taiwan Oriental Beauty

Our Premium Organic Tea Taiwan Oriental Beauty is a highly coveted oolong tea known for its unique flavor profile and limited availability. This special variety of oolong is celebrated for its complex and honey-like taste, accompanied by subtle notes of fruit and floral aromas. The delicate and refined nature of this tea has earned it the nickname of "champagne of oolong" due to its sophisticated and luxurious flavor.

 20 individual loose-leaf pouches of 5g. each. Total Tea Weight: 100g.

Tea Category: Oolong tea

Origin: Taiwan

Summer Flush

Altitude: 1000 meters

Leaf /shape: 1 bud & 1-2 leaves/ twisted (hand-picked)

Jardin Secret core principles:

• All teas have been certified Organic under European Union standards by ECOCERT.

• All teas come from a single estate (no mixed leaves).

• All leaves are hand-picked and full leaf in order to secure premium leaves quality.

• The loose teas (whole leaves) are among the finest, ranging from special grade to first grade, with uncompromising specifications:

·       No agricultural chemical

·       No chemical fertilizer

·       No pollution

·       No hormone

·       Non-GMO (non-Genetically Modified Organism)

·       Artificial Flavor free


The Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea is a product of the collaboration between the small green leafhoppers and the Oolong tea trees. These small green leafhoppers joyfully suck on the tender leaves, leaving behind the most precious “jade liquid”(saliva). When the “jade liquid” and the tea leaves blend together, they form a rare and unique beauty fragrance. Tea farmers often say, "What the bugs don't eat, is our tea!" This tea is a harmonious result of the collaboration between heaven, earth, and humans: bugs and humans are working together! The flavor of the Oriental Beauty tea is full of temptation and fantasy, with a mixture of various aromas and flavors, creating an indescribable taste. But this enchanting and fragrant tea flavor always makes people fall in love with it so easily! Summer Flush is a prime selection since this is the season with most leafhoppers in the tea fields!
Taiwan oriental beauty oolong tea has a unique appearance, with white tips and a mixture of colors ranging from green to brown. This visually striking appearance is not commonly found in other oolong teas. Taiwan oriental beauty oolong tea is oxidized about 70% or higher level, resulting in a darker color and a richer, more intense flavor.


 1. Mountain spring water 150 ML.

 2. Water temperature 95℃.

 3. Organic Taiwan Oriental Beauty Tea 5g. 

 4. A teapot or Gaiwan (a cup with cover). 

 5. A tea strainer. 

 6. A sharing cup. 

 7. Tea cups.

Brewing method:

1.  Rinse the teaware (teapot or Gaiwan, sharing cup and tea cups) with boiling  water and discard the water. This will help to maintain the temperature of the water and ensure even brewing.

2. Place the tea leaves into teapot or Gaiwan and cover it. Shake your teapot or  Gaiwan before filling up the water to ensure all the tea leaves are well balanced in order to brew evenly. Please keep in mind that there is no need to rinse the tea leaves.

3. Pour water into the teapot or Gaiwan, starting from 12 o’clock direction and circling clockwise until water reaches the appropriate level. Then cover the lid.

4. Steep for 1 minute.

5. After steeping, gently pour the tea soup into sharing cup through a strainer to remove the tea leaves.

6. Pour tea soup into small tea cups from the sharing cup. It’s ready to enjoy!

Fragrance: honey, peach, rose, lychee, musk, sandalwood.

Tasting notes: peach, dried fruit, honey sweet, bergamot oil, lychee, wildflower.

Texture: sweet and refreshing.

The Chinese traditional method of brewing loose leaves tea requires patience and precision, as well as an understanding of the delicate balance between water, water temperature, teawares, steeping time and tea leaves quality. When done correctly, the result is a cup of fragrant and flavorful tea that reflects the time-honored traditions of Chinese tea culture.


1.      This type of oolong tea is known for its high levels of antioxidants, which can help to improve overall health and promote longevity.

2.      Oriental beauty oolong tea has been shown to aid in weight management, as it can help to boost metabolism and regulate blood sugar levels.

3.      Due to its high levels of polyphenols, this oolong tea can help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

4.      Oriental beauty oolong tea has demonstrated to have calming and stress-reducing properties, making it a great option for those looking to relax and unwind.

This type of oolong tea has a unique and complex flavor profile, making it a delicious and enjoyable beverage option.

In conclusion, the benefits of Taiwan oriental beauty oolong tea are numerous and impressive. From its high antioxidant content to its potential for weight management and disease prevention, this tea is a great option for those looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing. Additionally, its calming properties and delicious flavor make it a delightful addition to any daily routine.

Organic Taiwan Oriental Beauty (Oolong tea)
Organic Taiwan Oriental Beauty (Oolong tea) Sale price$888.00